*Built on a new PJ Trailers 7×18′ car hauler with a 7000 GVWR.

*(Mostly) Dry weight: 6020lbs

*13’2″ (ish) from the ground

*Bucket and sawdust composting toilet

*Pex plumbing

*Electric wired in the same way as an ordinary house, but with a 20 amp cord to a power source

*Standard hookups for water and electricity, though I’d like to go solar sometime

*…I’ll put up more as I think of things, or ask if you’d like!


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  1. Hey Ella! I’m curious how you’re liking your horse trough for bathing? I’m thinking about ordering one from my local feed store. Any pros and cons you’ve noticed yet? Have you used it for a bath yet? Any and all experience appreciated! Glad you’re doing so great!

    • Hi Pix! I honestly love it. Can’t think of any negatives except that it doesn’t drain amazingly. I think if I had thought more beforehand I could have raised the sides a bit so the drain was angled downwards. Something to consider! Otherwise it’s a lovely lovely shower 🙂 Not used it as a tub…yet!

      • thanks for that info Ella! quite helpful. I wouldn’t have thought of it draining slowly since it’s designed for h2o…. great idea though! thanks again 🙂

  2. Great sight! lots of pictures. I have been working on my tiny home for a year now; progress has been a little slower than I would like but I’m slowly getting there. Loved some of your ideas and I may incorporate them into my project. Again thanks for posting all the great pictures!

  3. Hello! I’m gonna be building my first tiny home in January with my Dad, and have been drooling over the Fencl. Yours is adorable! Would love to keep in touch and hopefully pick your brain as I proceed. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


  4. Hey Ella! I have a few questions for you, because I hope to someday build a house like yours.

    1) What are the dimensions for the pink room and bathroom?
    2) Why did you choose a sawdust toilet over a urine-diverting toilet?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Ella,
    I just read the article about you on Yahoo. Are you single? I’m very well educated and classically handsome. Plus I love to travel! I love what you’re doing. Keep it up.

  6. I think this house is very cool Ella! I noticed you are into the rustic look. Next year, 2013, I wouldn’t mind making you a small lamp for free to put into your humble abode. If your interested, check out my website at gourd glow rustic lamps. I think it would be cool!

  7. Hi Ella, my husband and I are seriously thinking of building our own tiny house. We just love what you’ve done with your house. I was wondering if you would give me an estimate on cost of your house (trailer not included)?
    Thanks very much!

  8. Nice Work! kitchen looks great. Really like the front post, nice organic feel to your design elements. also like the modification you have made to the original plans, aka flat front roof. you may like to see the changes that I have made to my Fencel as well at littlehouseyggdrasil.wordpress.com

  9. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon your home, but it is just BEAUTIFUL! I want to know so much more! Like how in the world does one just build a house? Ha… I love it. It’s very inspirational during my moments where I wonder “should I do this?” If you can build a house, and live in that tiny thing, I’m sure I can manage the little mountains I have to conquer. You’re stellar.

  10. Hi Ella,

    Shelter Publications is working on a new book, TINY HOMES ON THE MOVE, by author Lloyd Kahn (SHELTER, HOME WORK, BUILDERS OF THE PACIFIC COAST, and TINY HOMES: SIMPLE SHELTER). We like your cozy little home, and we’d like to possibly include it in our upcoming book. We’d like to hear from you, contact us at shelter@shelterpub.com or 800.307.0131. Thanks for sharing your work!

  11. Hi Ella.

    I love what you’ve done.

    I need a local contact for the press for when they ask if there’s anyone else in the Bay Area living in a small house. I’d also like to visit your house sometime to ask you a few questions for a piece I’m writing. Email me thru my Four Lights Tiny Houses website or ask Paul at Tumbleweed for my phone number, if your game.

    Thanks, Ella. Congratulations on your beautiful new home.


  12. hi ella,
    your house is wonderful 🙂
    and now i am making plans of my own!
    your shower is the best one that i have seen yet and i want to do one just like it.
    however, i do not know where to start, could you tell me what type/size the tub is and how you installed the drain. thanks in advance (:

  13. Ella…you are awesome! I love that you built this and that you are living your adventure! I am planning to build one/have one built and I need a space for my son–would a twin bed fit in your pink/changing room?

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  15. Hey Ella, does your trailer have and adjustable dove tail? Meaning can it be made to be perfectly straight. The guys at Tumbleweed said to avoid dove tails at all costs. Also, if you were to buy another trailer would you buy the same one?–Ashley

    • Hi! No dove tail, they are not at all ideal for tiny houses. If I could buy another, I’d undoubtedly buy the new one that Tumbleweed makes. Not just because I work with them, but because it’s absolutely brilliant. Check it out if you get a chance!

  16. Howdy, your manifested dream is identical to my un (but soon to be) manifested dream.
    I’m in Eugene,OR at the moment living in a vintage travel trailer that I’ve restored, which I like a lot… though really, really want to move back the the Bay area or a little north of & build a tiny house to live in (I love Jay’s little bungalows:)
    So I wanted to ask you how you managed to score the land where your parked? Did you know someone or did you take out an ad?

    1000 thank yous,



    • Hi! I have family that lives in the area I moved to, and made up a portfolio of pictures to show EVERYONE. I took that thing everywhere I went and asked as many people as would hear me out about a tiny renting space. Friend of a friend of a family member is now my landlord. Good Luck!

  17. hi !! I just love you little house, I want one 🙂 you have it decorated so cute, that’s my style, and your lay out of the house is good, did you guys have it built, or did you build it yourselves? DEB

  18. Are these tiny houses hard to travel with? I want to travel full time and wanted something other than a typical camper to do it.

    • They are designed and (hopefully) built to travel well. They are quite heavy though, an average of 400 pounds a lineal foot which makes them a tad more awkward than the standard featherweight RV. Though I’ve not moved her much, Little Yellow took the road like a champ

  19. Ella, did you by chance get your Opella sink at Great Lakes Skipper? There’s a link to their ebay store on Pinterest from a pic of your sink. Thanks!

  20. Standard plumbing? I see how it comes in, but where does the grey water go? It seems unlikely to find RV-style septic hookups on most available land, but it also seems like a holding tank would have to be emptied all the time. How does it work with two people’s shower and dish water every day?

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  22. Great house Ella! I’m curious about the weight. You stated that the dry weight is 6020 lbs. I’m assuming this includes everything (the weight of the house, trailer and all your furniture inside). Yet on Tumbleweeds website they state the dry weight of the Cypress 18′ is 8,000 lbs. Did you do anything special to lower the weight on your house?

    • The weight of my house is significantly different from the same house being built by TW’s plans now. Mine was built much lighter, by a much earlier version of the plans which accounts for the discrepancy. We build on bigger trailers these days and use beefier framing and sheathing.

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  24. Great blog! My husband and I are building our TH in Alberta, Canada. you mentioned you guys fabricated your own cathedral support box for your wood stove. Do you mind sending me more info on that? We are ready to order our piping but can’t find anything suitable. Cheers, Sam (email: arsenaultsamantha@gmail.com).

  25. Hey there! On my quest to find the smallest wood stove ever made, I found your video reviewing the Kimberely stove.
    Where are they made? What can you tell me about it?
    I’m from Canada, so they likely are not available here, but any info you can give me, why, that’d be swell.

  26. Love, love, love your house! So happy to have found your blog….I am just getting started. A group of us are planning Dayton’s (Oh) first tiny house village and I was researching roof vents when I ran across your site. Did I say I love your house? I have a blog (www.AnUnusualLife.com)and the village has a FB page. Arcadia Village….

  27. Ella,
    I’m the Managing Editor for Mother Earth News magazine, where we’re selecting cover images for an upcoming issue that includes a story on tiny homes. I found several beautiful images on your website and was wondering if 1) you’d allow us to use one of your images on our magazine cover and 2) if so, would the images be available in high-resolution (that is, the original files from the camera). Thanks so much for your time. I’m hoping to hear from you soon at RMartin@MotherEarthNews.com.


  28. Any chancenyou could do a rough sketch of the floorplan you used? I am trying to figure out the extra room you have and where it ia in relation to the rest of the house. Im going to be building a tint for my 18month old son and I, and need a ground floor room for him, so im looking at as many ppssible layouts as I can. 🙂

  29. Hi Ella!

    I’m Lucía from SFG Media Group. We own several media properties including tinyhometour.com and other content websites.

    We periodically will feature homes on our website, paired with a review or commentary on the design and interior, and would like to feature your Little Yellow Door tiny house from https://littleyellowdoor.wordpress.com in our home tour articles on content websites by our company, including mobileadventurers.com.

    We won’t be able to offer monetary compensation for the photos, but we have over 450,000 fans on our fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Tiny-Home-Tours-667589370011248/) and we can offer you exposure to our audience by linking back to https://littleyellowdoor.wordpress.com and driving potential customers to your website.

    If this is okay, please let me know how you would like to be credited.

    SFG Media Group

  30. Forgot about you! Wow. Five years and your going strong. Neil Gaiman likens a goal to a mountain that you should always be moving towards, I’m paraphrasing. He closes a commencement speech with this:

    “…And now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art.”

    Address to the University of the Arts Class of 2012

    And so there you are. May your music find the masses. Don’t fret over well intentioned lists gone awry-all part of the creative process, as I’ve started to learn.

    Nice work. Harp on!

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