It’s been over 4.5 years in Little Yellow. She is aging, and looks it, but continues to do her job as home. I will be 29 this summer, and trying to get as many things done before then as possible, though I honestly don’t know why that seems so important to me.

I am wrapping up recording my first album, of my original music. It’s wonderfully, weightily stressful. And also expensive, even with primarily 2 (harp and voice) tracks. It’s a good thing I didn’t think about how expensive it actually is or I probably wouldn’t have started. You are welcome to visit my music website to find links to my imperfect recordings.

I will shortly stop cleaning horse corrals as part of my rent agreement with my wonderful landlords. I am extremely excited. I’ll have to make up the extra money but I’m at the point where I no longer want shit on my boots. Growing up maybe?

Updated May 2017