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Window borders and the painting of them…


The other night, my dad and I went to Lowes and choose the paint for my door (yellow, of course) and the window borders we’ve started making (teal). I’m happy to report that the paint department had quite a lovely selection of colours and much to my dad’s relief, I was able to pinpoint what I wanted without staying there to debate until the store closed.

We’ve made the window borders from good ole 2×4’s; the thought process being that the 1/2″ siding will go up against them but they’ll still stick out to show off the colour. Each window has a rim about 3/4″ off the sheathing, so we ran the wood through the table saw to create a little notch and they fit on nicely now.

Being an artist, I would have thought that the painting part would be an enjoyable change from screws, nails and saws, but there are so many shapeless, repetitive 2×4 cut offs that it feels a little like putting 4 coats of slow-drying paint on firewood.

The primer is what really gets my goat. It’s white, it has to go on all sides of every piece, and since it’s so very far from the colour I’m ideally aiming for, it is not very rewarding. It also shines clearly through the first layer of paint which results in an awkward sort of half teal, half white business.

The second coat just about covers it and after the third it’s totally gone, but it apparently takes 4 hours before another coat can be applied, so there’s plenty of time to admire the uncertain colour combination. Ah well, I’ve only 10 windows…