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Teal paint, siding and jigsaw-cutting window notches…


The last few days I’ve been working on siding and making new window borders. The previous ones my dad and I made didn’t end up looking as nice as I’d like them to so we rethought and started over. Darned waste of the 4 hour intervals I waited before applying new coats of paint, but never mind.

This time I measured far more times than necessary (just in case it changed while I wasn’t looking) before cutting, sanding and painting. I bought some new stuff with primer in it and much to my delight, it looked beautiful after only 2 coats instead of the previous 3; I do hold quite a grudge against that particular colour of primer white.

I was so excited to get the siding up around the shiny new borders today that I almost didn’t care that I spent 3 hours cutting out the 2 notches and messed a whole board up before getting it right. I had tried to use a single, long board but didn’t find it physically possible for one of me (RIP cedar board) and settled with 2 instead.

I think it still looks alright so I’m letting it go; better 2 concise than one sloppy, even with the break between them.  I put up a few more boards around the windows in the dying light and it looks lovely indeed, but my moment of photographic opportunity had passed by then.

I feel I ought to tell all of you wonderful commenters out there how very much I appreciate your words and suggestions. I know I’m guilty of not replying to all of them, but rest assured that they generally leave me smiling like an idiot and bouncing around the house. Thank you 🙂