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Wall paneling, insulation and rainbows…


It’s been fairly lousy weather as of late; the shifty, cloudy type where you can barely feel your fingers and are never sure when it will turn drippy. Not too terribly much work got accomplished this weekend as a result, but we got the off-side ready for cedar siding.

Today the rain came. Rain, then rainbows, then snow, then rain again, but I set up inside my house with the light and many layers on to get some work in. I finally sourced my 1/4″ pine tongue and groove wall paneling last week sitting innocently on shelf at Lowes (after being told by several rather rude chaps at Home Depot that this combination was not possible and didn’t exist) so I’ve been dying to get some up since.

With the electric in, I began on the window bump out for my learning curve since it will most likely be hidden by a bench or somesuch. I worked from the bottom up and insulated as I went, placing my sheep wool into each cavity and thoroughly enjoying myself. I used my dad’s pin nailer to hold the boards onto each 2×4 stud and it did a fine job, leaving perfect little little silver dots where each went in.

This part is brilliant in the visual department, so I spent nearly as much time standing back to stare as I did putting everything together; it’s almost therapeutic in the pattern of it. Who needs a shrink when you can stuff wool into a wall?


Finishing the flooring…


I’m on a mission to get this part done. I had the help of a friend who gave time to lend a hand yesterday and with my dad’s skills as well today we are oh so close.

First came the tape to cover all the seams in the flashing. The aluminum tape I had previously used was pretty bad to begin with and was rendered useless after a few days of moisture and temperature changes so I pulled it all off and went for some super sticky form of duct tape my dad had in the garage. It also sticks to itself really well, so there’s a good thing to watch out for.

Tumbleweed recommends using corner braces for all the floor joists so I bought what I thought would be enough and nailed them in. Well, I was a vast 35 short and after yet another jaunt to the hardware store, got both sides of all joists in question covered.

From these corner braces I learned two important lessons: 1: if you count how many of something you need before you buy it, you might just make it 2 whole days without going to the store. 2: Hammers make little differentiation between steel nails and finger nails, particularly if you have a short attention span. My poor wee thumb got the brunt of the exchange so I guess this starts off the tally and it aint in my favour.

Putting in the wool insulation was rather rewarding and though I had heard it was time consuming, it took much less than taping the flashing or nailing the corner braces. It is also fantastically fluffy and there were far fewer incidences of finger crushing.

Today came to putting the 3/4 “ plywood down. Ambitiously, we figured we’d get a couple of walls done as well but I am realizing rapidly that it is wise not to figure on the side of ambition with this project. Just sorting out where to put the sheets of plywood so the edges would land on the floor joists took enough thought but we also had to cut spaces for the wheel wells and try to keep things vaguely square and level.

Darkness caught up with us after 3 of 5 sheets so we put off getting it all on until tomorrow, but the light at the end of the flooring tunnel shines with grandeur 🙂 I’ll be darn happy to cover this thing up and not think about it again!