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We got electric…


As much as I love Little Yellow and bumbling my way through things with an ‘I’m sure it will be fine’ outlook, there are a few parts of house building that I am terrified of, have no interest in doing myself, and would rather be several miles away in a deep hole while the entire process goes down.

These parts (electric, plumbing and propane; in no particular order) have literally kept me up til unnatural hours of the morning thinking about electrocution and my whole house blowing up. Pretty much anything with pipes or wires…

Anyway, I am extremely grateful to have avoided direct involvement with the expensive wires and outlets thus far. My neighbor (who built his entire, not so tiny house by himself) is quite knowledgeable in all of the frightening, above-mentioned procedures, and has been so kind as to help me out.

Yesterday evening he got just about everything in order, so we set up a test bulb where the main light will be and flipped the switch. Light! Power! Woohoo! I’m so pleased 🙂 At the entrance of 2012 last night, my sister and I were sat on a cold workbench in the window bump out watching my one, beautiful light bulb.

As a result of my self induced exclusion, I don’t have much to report on the electrical workings, but I can tell you that it involves hole drilling, bright yellow wires and blue outlet boxes. And a very small circut breaker that is rather cute, as far as circut breakers go.