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A bathroom wall, white paint, table saws and an eclipse…


I’ve put up my bathroom wall! The first partition! It’s actually the only partition in my floorplan, but that makes it even more exciting 😀

I used 1 x 5 tongue and groove pine screwed into horizontal supports at the top and bottom. I’ll need to put some more bracing in there because it’s a mite wobbly the now, maybe some shelving or something to hold things together and make for some extra storage.

I thought about framing the wall with 2×2’s and insulating before adding 1/4″ wall paneling…but I didn’t. I haven’t much of a good reason other than would have taken slightly more space and perhaps been slightly heavier. Also stronger I suppose, but this is what I’ve got so I’m liking it.

As a rule, I don’t use the table saw by myself and it’s ended up as the last thing my stepdad does actively in the build. It hasn’t been an issue in the past because the whole idea freaks me out, but recently, it’s started bugging that waiting for him to run cuts is preventing progress.

So I’ve convinced him it’s less safe for me to not know how to use it properly, and received a pretty terrifying tutorial with his reluctant agreement. That machine scares the pants off of me, but I gathered a bit of courage from wherever it hides down in my shoes somewhere and have been making my own cuts since.

Actually doing it myself now is not as horrid as I’d feared. I’ve spent so much time watching my dad every time he ran the saw that I almost feel like I’ve done it before and it’s a relief to cut what I need to when I need to. How exciting all the things I’ve learned from this house and my dad since September when I was afraid of the nail gun.

2 more things: I’ve painted my wainscoting white and the eclipse last Sunday was incredible. I went hiking with my mom and dad to the top of our mountain, equipped with little rectangles of welding glass to look at the sun without frying our eyeballs. I guess I didn’t take very many pictures of the bathroom wall or what I’ve painted (i.e. the point of this post) so instead, I will give you all lots of pictures from our eclipse hike last weekend. It was pretty cool 🙂


Pine flooring down…


Little Yellow has a floor! It’s haphazard with no particular order and 2 different kinds of nails from one half to the other (I ran out), but I don’t care. I love it and it’s the most beautiful floor I’ve ever made :D.

My neighbor got me started over the weekend, with galvanized nails and a bucket of sticky floor glue, and before I knew it I was plowing away on my own. Finding the right nails for the big scary gun proved much more difficult than I’d thought, and as I was already a bit concerned about the possibility of splitting the soft pine wood, I went the old fashioned route and hand nailed. It was quite a lot of fun, and I only smashed the shit out of my finger once. Still, after the first board I became instantly grateful for the small stature of my house. I don’t think my will power would have survived anything over 300 square feet.

Picking just the right board for each section took me the most time…I spend way too much thinking about these things. It did get done though, in two afternoons of concerted effort. The process involved spreading thin-ish beads of glue down the back side of each board with a notched putty knife called a dowel (if I recall correctly) before nailing onto my very vacuumed subfloor. I pre-drilled holes in the butted ends at slight angles so as to avoid splitting, which appears to have worked.

There’s something about looking down and seeing a floor, like in a proper house, that is really REALLY exciting. I leaped to sweep it as soon as the last board was down. I swept, and then I took my shoes off and walked across for the first time. I’m not going to lie, there was some skipping/spinning going on over here, and this floor took it brilliantly. Sanding, possibly staining and definitely oiling soon!

Wall paneling, insulation and rainbows…


It’s been fairly lousy weather as of late; the shifty, cloudy type where you can barely feel your fingers and are never sure when it will turn drippy. Not too terribly much work got accomplished this weekend as a result, but we got the off-side ready for cedar siding.

Today the rain came. Rain, then rainbows, then snow, then rain again, but I set up inside my house with the light and many layers on to get some work in. I finally sourced my 1/4″ pine tongue and groove wall paneling last week sitting innocently on shelf at Lowes (after being told by several rather rude chaps at Home Depot that this combination was not possible and didn’t exist) so I’ve been dying to get some up since.

With the electric in, I began on the window bump out for my learning curve since it will most likely be hidden by a bench or somesuch. I worked from the bottom up and insulated as I went, placing my sheep wool into each cavity and thoroughly enjoying myself. I used my dad’s pin nailer to hold the boards onto each 2×4 stud and it did a fine job, leaving perfect little little silver dots where each went in.

This part is brilliant in the visual department, so I spent nearly as much time standing back to stare as I did putting everything together; it’s almost therapeutic in the pattern of it. Who needs a shrink when you can stuff wool into a wall?

More roofing, more ladders…


After another day’s roofing, we have almost half the house covered in shiny, purple-y panels and it looks very nice indeed. I was keen on getting to the other side but the cursed screw gun batteries got us again and died before we’d even thought to recharge them. There are 3 going for different applications but when they go out, it’s kind of the end of the joy ride.

It also appears that my roof is going to be an obnoxious 2″ longer than the last of the 15 panels we thought would do it. Luckily, I have actually learned something from my previous mistakes and ordered 2 extra panels, so we’ll just have to perform a little surgery with the spiffy metal cutters. I say ‘just’…

On a brighter note, I am feeling slightly less terrified about the ladder situation. This may have a lot to do with the fact that my dad spent most of today standing on the bottom to make sure it didn’t get into it’s mind to go anywhere, but I can at least move up the rungs now without a 20 second pause between each to mentally prepare myself.

I’m quite liking this standing seam stuff, each panel gets screwed into the roof deck at one side before the next clicks over it, which leaves a lovely little ridge and hides the fasteners brilliantly. The only part I don’t like so much are the fancy, colour coated screws that go on at the top and require standing one step higher than I can reasonably justify on a ladder. That plus the angle of leaning that ensues make for a sort of general awkwardness that doesn’t get much better after 10 panels.

Another loft and the full start of a roof…


Well this is more like it! With the second triangle stationed at the door end and the storage loft in place, things are looking decidedly more symmetrical and rather exciting. My step dad took a well deserved break yesterday so tiny house progress took a hike until this afternoon when we got our act together enough to put a move on. I suppose it’s unsurprising that we miscalculated on something yet again (this time on the pricey 3/4″ tongue and groove pine) so we picked some up in the old truck before starting.

In my lack of faith regarding our local hardware store’s lumber selection, I had almost mentally prepared myself for another unpleasant trip to Lowes when I discovered that they not only had such a thing, but that it was far less wobbly and in much better shape than what we used before. This regrettably means that my storage loft is shining with the joys of perfect wood while my sleeping loft looks a might shifty, but hopefully with a bed covering it this wont be quite so very evident.

Ah yes, I also broke and twisted up a finger jumping my horse over a tree in the woods last Wednesday. I’m stuck in a splint for the next 3 weeks after a delightful drive to the ER where the nice doctor broke the crap out of my finger all over again to get it straight and am feeling the general annoyance of temporary life with impaired dexterity.

Our delay in starting (and my compromised hand) left us just enough time to finish putting in the nice pine, make the other triangle and screw it on up there before dark, but it looks like my dad might have another day off this Tuesday so the possibility for further development hovers.

A window or ten…


Thus far, I’ve been doing a fine job putting off getting these ordered. Most things I’ve had to procure for my project have seemed scary for some reason or other but windows take the extra scary cake. I think this cake might be black and have pepper in it…Because they are supposed to be tempered glass (like the kind in cars that crumble instead of shatter and are far more resistant to road travel) these little beasties are frighteningly expensive and I didn’t want to have a chance to get anything wrong. Having heard it can take 6-8 weeks for custom windows to get made, I finally gathered my courage today, wrote down my list of sizes about 5 times and called up some window making folk. 

I decided that I like the single hung type (which is coincidentally cheaper than the awning type Tumbleweed goes for) and have settled with aluminum. Wood windows are beautiful but they are also higher priced and take a lot more maintenance so for this time I’ve opted not to go down the traditional route. My parent’s house has aluminum windows with a white finish and I don’t mind the way they look, actually I think they’re rather quaint.

I am lucky to have encountered a very kind contractor at Tumbleweed’s workshop last month who has been instrumental in my quest for windows. With his help, I ordered the 10 I need from a wholesale company and should have my aluminum, white finish, low-E, single hung windows delivered in a little over 2 weeks. One less big thing on the list of to buy’s!