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We got walls…


I am pleased to say that we did indeed get drier weather (if not warmer) and we did indeed get the walls on. In fact, I dare say today was a dream day in the world of carpentry.  The walls fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. The sun shone brightly and for a while it even warmed things up enough so we could feel our fingers. We thought ahead for what we’d need and didn’t have to go to the hardware store. Through various tweaking and smacking boards with hammers I think we’ve made the thing remarkably square. The birds sang and the screwdriver never ran out of battery….too far, but this was undeniably our most successful and visually rewarding day of work. 

Because we built the walls in sections, I’ll need to bolt the joints together tomorrow but there are a ton of screws in so it feels pretty sturdy. Hopefully we’ll get a good portion of the plywood sheathing on as well and start the collar joists for the loft. My dad wrangled some 20 x 45, 6mil clear plastic sheeting and while cumbersome to work with, it is now doing a much better job at keeping the water out than our previous tarp-age. 

I feel an unmatched sense of accomplishment walking through the open door framing onto my floor where I can finally see the space I’ve had stuck in my head for so long laid out in front of me. It’s not very waterproof, being roofless, and I suppose the walls will need to get covered at some point but it’s still there; standing real and tangible.  You might say my house looks a bit like a house now 🙂 


Measure twice, cut once…


When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, you really regret chucking out all the old tarps three days ago. It being around 80 before noon, I did not buy a 20ft tarp at the hardware store the other day so when my mom woke me up yesterday morning with the delightful news we scrambled to cover the floor framing with sheets of plywood and borrowed smaller tarps from the pickup truck and off the horse carriage. But really, rain? Didn’t see that one coming with the temperatures this week.

 Fortunately, the weather turned much more favorable in the afternoon and we were able to finish the aluminum flashing and start thinking about walls. Not so fortunately, the wall measurements in the plans are also set up around different sized wheel wells so it was back to the drawing board. With my stepdad’s and my generally lousy mathematical skills, this was a period of much head scratching and brain straining but we prevailed and created a very lovely back wall at long last.

My dad’s carpenter friends at work lent him a crazy loud nail gun that we’ve been using to secure the framing together thus far and today, on wall 2, we found out what happens when you screw up and need to get one out. It was actually less getting it out and more sawing it off so it was a good incentive to be a wee bit more careful in the future.

Miscalculations, a few bouts of cursing and working out new calculations took up most of the day but the floor framing still hadn’t been lag screwed to the trailer boards yet so we got started on that in the evening. Seeing as I’m smaller than my dad, I took the job of getting under the thing to drill them in and we got a good number down before it got dark.

It’s been great to have my dad and all his nifty power tools around this week to get things going. He works 3 weeks on, 1 week off so it’ll be a while before we’ll get this much consecutive time to devote to my little project but I hope to get as much as possible done in his absence. I also hope to keep all my fingers on so lets keep a tally, shall we?