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Packing and getting ready of things…


I packed a lot yesterday. In fact, I packed mostly everything into 5 small boxes that sit in the pink room and make things feel not so homey and rather unsettled. I had to keep reminding myself as I went that I’m not leaving Little Yellow, just making her road worthy.

My neighbour was a saint helping me get things together today. He was available, installed the extended brake lights, put up my porch fixture, showed me how to take off the PVC drainage pipes under the trailer (they’re a little too low for road travel) detached the propane tank, and turned a bundle of electric wire into my 70′ extension cord. Day saver? Definitely.

I’m more than a little scattered right now. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off…But hey. I’ve got really clean windows. In fact I have 10 (now) glowing ones, which I laboriously washed from inside and out the other day.

I really don’t know what got on them. Well, I do, dried up Super Deck, tung oil, caulk, the manufacturer’s sticker residue, paint, and a bunch of water stains. My dad said he thought they were the dirtiest he’s ever cleaned. I’ve never properly washed windows before, so they were most definitely the dirtiest I’ve ever cleaned.

But clean the buggers I did, with razor blade, washer thing, scraper thing and towel. They’re pretty spectacular. My dad always talks about the glories of well washed windows and I always thought he was a bit out to lunch, but I have to say there is a certain glory to these windows right now. So clear it’s like there’s no glass at all, and the house looks so very polished. Low flying birds beware…

Open house locations:

Monday, Oct 8:
10-12 Frazier Park, CA across from the Coffee Cantina.
Address: 3011 Mount Pinos Way 93225

4-6 San Luis Obispo, CA Trader Joe’s parking lot.
Address: 3977 S Higuera St

Tuesday, Oct 9
1-2:30 Santa Cruz, CA Home Depot parking lot (Soquel)
Address: 2600 41st Ave 95073

One piece of sad news. At least for a while, I am not taking my darling kittens with me. This has been a difficult and rethought decision, but I believe it to be for the best for now as the place I’m moving to has 5 dogs that have pack mode going in full force. They pretty much chase anything that runs, as I witnessed when they bolted after and caught some kind of screaming wild animal in the 30 or so minutes I was there.

I’m pretty airy fairy about this sort of stuff, and tried to keep an ‘I’m sure it’ll all work out’ attitude, but sometimes you have to be realistic and not let the fact that things usually work out lead you to making stupid choices. If either one of my babies got hurt or (in my sister’s ever so delicate wording) ‘ripped to shreds while still alive’ because of an unsafe location I knowingly brought them to, it would be beyond terrible.

I’m thinking I will at least go up and suss out the situation until they get bigger or I can build a fence or someplace safe. I don’t know. I may well end up moving somewhere else that’s more small-fuzzy-animal friendly. But my parent’s are in love with them and I know they’ll be happy here where they already know the ropes. I’m sure I’ll miss them more than they’ll miss me.

I’m really going to miss them 😦