The arrival of cedar siding and an unexpected visitor…

I ordered the beautiful cedar siding at 18 and 20′ lengths in the hope of minimizing waste, but it was a bit much for the old pickup so the lovely hardware store folk delivered it. They had said they would bring it Monday, and bring it they did without dally. I was very much asleep when the holler came up the stairs just after 8 this morning and madly ran for matching shoes to help unload (luckily the driver didn’t mind my rush to clear ground space or half awake bumbling).
Actually, this driver was keenly interested in the house and an acquaintance of my parents so we showed him around. Halfway through the grand tour, my mother casually mentioned that there was a bird in my house, and by jove she was right.
In my sleeping loft window was a tiny black and gray bird looking rather confused that this section of sky seemed much more solid than usual. He smacked into it another few times during the process of my attempts to show him out so we set him on a fence post to recover from the shock, which he did after a few minutes and flew off.
I’m almost certain the door was closed so I’m really not sure how he managed to get in there or for how long he was, but he did appear pretty relieved to be out of it. Hope he didn’t get too bad of a headache from the experience…

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  1. This is the second bird I’ve heard of that tried to move into a Tiny House, apparently one tried to move into Evan and Gabby’s place too – Could that mean Tiny Houses make wonderful Nests?

  2. Hi Ella, I’m María from Spain. I’ve just seen your blog and it’s amazing. I have been following the Tiny House Movement long time ago. I’d love to build my own tiny house, but in Spain the laws for driving a heavy trailer are different from America, such a pity. I want to congratulate you on your enthusiasm and hard work!!


  3. I have been looking at tiny homes for the last year and stumbled upon your blog this morning. I throughly enjoyed reading all your posts. Keep up the great work and keep posting, best of luck.

  4. Ella; I have been following the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses for about a year, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your particular endeavor. You remind me of my youngest daughter, who wanted a table saw for Christmas a couple years ago; she’s not afraid to take on any project. I am impressed that a musician and artist would choose to build her own home, especially with no construction experience. I’m certain having your Dad chip in with the work and tools was quite a help! I thought you might be from the UK, as your writing seemed to take on a certain Irish or Scottish flavor. I’ve known friends from both countries, and you sound as if you’ve picked up a bit of the local jargon from spending time there. Unless, of course, you’re originally FROM Scotland, which would explain much more. Anyway, congratulations on a job well done, as it seems you’re close to finishing.

    • My dad and his garage have been essential roots to the success of my wee project for sure! I am a Californian, but my time in Scotland definitely influenced my writing if not my speech; I still can’t even attempt to fake a Glasgow accent!

  5. Ella – loved reading all of your posts! Your are so brave for doing a tiny house on your own & on a trailer no less. I have been keeping up with tiny houses for the past year or so & would love to get a little bit of land to build one on. Nothing on a trailer, but a perminant one on land. Cannot wait to see the finished product – hope the hand heals right. Peace & Blessings – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  6. Ella: You are living my dream, building a tiny house! I just found your blog today — I’m on the Tiny House email list — and I’ve read every post from the start of your build. I am SO jealous and at the same time so pleased for you. I’ll be following your progress and dreaming about my some day tiny house.

    I live in Dallas, and I blog about my joys and pitfalls of owning a 1929 Tudor. I used to think it was tiny at 1,148 square feet, but I’ve spent the last year reading about tiny houses, and now I feel like I am just rattling around in it — although I do really love all its character.

    Someday I will be on your path.

    Best wishes, and Merry Christmas to you!
    Project Girl

  7. Did you ever figure out that you needed 3/4in more width wise than the window and 1/2in more height wise for your windows? That leaves room for the window and also space for expansion,movement when on the road,and shimming to level. Always a good idea to measure the windows v.s. trusting the label. Then rough in to fit.
    A bit late to save you the labor maybe someone in the future will see the tip and remember to leave the extra room.
    Lovely tiny house ! That is why the bird came to visit. I had three come in while building The Tiny Bungalow (130 sq ft) and many more since finished.
    Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden ” When I took up my abode in the woods, I found myself suddenly neighbour to the birds, not by having imprisoned one, but having caged myself near them. I was not only nearer to some of those which commonly frequent the garden and orchard, but to those wilder and more thrilling songsters which never, or rarely, serenade a villager. Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say, innocence, with Nature herself.”
    You will have many more, they just seem to understand a tiny house.

  8. Hey Ella, Great blog and great work!
    I have read your blog from start to finish.. today.. loved it. I hope you continue to write, you have a great “voice” even when you are writting about braces and joists!
    Looking forward to the upcoming posts.
    Cuenca, Ecuador

  9. Thank you for your wonderful blog:) I am an artist and would love to have my own tiny house as my studio and I would also love to send you a print of my art as a house warming present:) Please visit my website and pick out your favorite art and email me how big or small you would like the print:0 The only thing in return is you link your website or blog to mine and take a picture of the print when it is in your home and publish it:) Would you do that? I just love your enthusiasm and cant wait to see the final result:)

    Live love be


    • Oh my goodness, that is so wonderful of you!!!!! I shall peruse and let you know! And I will certainly rave about it to the heavens and post photographs with your website. What a lovely gesture 🙂

  10. I love what you are doing! For the past year I have rattled in my head the desire to build one. I am 60 and someday hope to have one! Great work!

  11. Ella, thanks so much for documenting the building process of your house. I also read your entire blog today 🙂 My husband and I are looking at houses, and I’ve been wondering just how tricky it would be for us to build one ourselves. I’m excited to see you finish your house and move in!

  12. That little guy is a Mountain Chickadee! It gives new meaning to the phrase “this place is for the birds”… birds and humans agree you’ve got a nice little house there! I’m really enjoying your journey and I hope to take the same path one day soon.

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